CLSG 2017 draft program now available!

The next CLSG annual conference will be taking place May 27-June 2 2017 at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. The draft program for the conference is now available on our Conference page and in a print-friendly format.

There are several new features to look forward to this year: the noon session on Sunday, May 28th, is left open for members who wish to attend the other events held at that time, such as the ACCUTE Graduate Students lunch and the Campus Reps lunch. We are also very fortunate to have a plenary speaker for noon on Monday, May 29th: Dr Roger Kojecký, Director of the Christian Literary Studies Group at Oxford, who will be speaking on “Endism in Narrative: Tradition and Modern Talent.

This year’s conference will also include two splendid co-sponsored sessions: “Word and Spirit,” held jointly with the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies on Monday morning, and “War, Trauma, and Healing,” held jointly with ACCUTE on Tuesday morning.  Our two exciting member-organized sessions include one on  spiritual warfare in Lewis’s science-fiction trilogy, and this year’s Pedagogy Roundtable, which will take up the challenging topic of the “unteachable” text. We look forward to much lively discussion through these and all our sessions!



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