Linlathen Lecture and Retreat, June 22-25


PosterThe CLSG is excited to announce this year’s Linlathen Lecture and Retreat, a public lecture followed by a small and intimate retreat specifically for those in ministry. Clergy, chaplains, and ministry folk are invited to join Dr. Jason Lepojärvi – formerly teaching at Oxford U and currently Scholar-in-Residence at Regent College – from Friday June 23rd to Sunday June 25th (with a break on the 25th for those who have Sunday morning commitments) for The Theology of Love & Worship – Reflections in light of Lewis.

Dr. Lepojärvi is both an Inklings scholar and a theologian, and during this retreat C.S. Lewis’ theology of Love will be the backdrop as Dr. Lepojärvi leads an exploration of Love (the different types; their common denominator; how Love engages with the other virtues) and Worship (understanding the substantive differences between adoration, veneration, and idolatry; apprehending what is cognitive, emotive, volitive, physical, ethical, sacrificial, etc.). Interdenominational perspectives will be brought into dialogue with one another, and practical applications considered.

Conferees with no commitments on Sunday morning are welcome to join worship at Hillside Reform Presbyterian (Almonte), at the same location as the annual Linlathen public lecture on Thursday evening June 22nd (Dr. Lepojärvi: The Female Friendships of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien; 7:30pm – further details available here). Revd. Matt Dyck, a long-time Inklings enthusiast, will lead the Psalmodic worship in a 10am Sunday service, complementing the conference theme.

General Schedule

Arrivals and registration for the retreat will be open from 3pm on Friday June 23rd at Windstone Farm, Beckwith. A light meal will be served at 6pm with sessions ending around 9pm. The Saturday schedule begins at 9am, will include Quiet Time and Free Time as well as lunch and dinner, and will end around 8pm followed by an optional soiree. Sunday will resume for lunch and an afternoon session with the retreat finishing between 3 and 4pm. The cost for the retreat is $200 per person, with a spouse / co-minister discount available. Questions can be directed to Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson at


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