2013: University of Victoria

Conference Chairs: Margo Swiss (York University) and David A. Kent

Saturday, June 1

1. 12:15-1:25pm: Modern Religious Poetry: Merton and Avison
Clearihue A-303
Chair: Margo Swiss (York University)

Katharine Bubel (University of Victoria): “‘The Terrible, the Merciful, the Mothers’: Wisdom in Thomas Merton’s ‘Hagia Sophia’ and Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life

Lynn Szabo (Trinity Western University): “The Mystical Ecology of Thomas Merton’s Poetics”

Neil Querengesser (Concordia University College of Alberta): “Margaret Avison’s Christmas Terrain”

2. 5:00-7:00pm: The Idea of the University in a Post-Secular World
Clearihue A-303
Chair: Katherine Quinsey (University of Windsor)

Deborah Bowen (Redeemer University College): “For Love and Money: The Market Value of Undergraduate Reading”

Michael DiSanto (Algoma University): “Love, Knowledge, and the University”

Tom Dilworth (University of Windsor): “God as a Test Case: The University Teaching of Literature”

Keith Hyde (University College of the North): “Openings with Prayer?: A University College Explores the Intricacies of Sacred-Secular Discourse”

Stephen Dunning and Jens Zimmerman (Trinity Western University): “Recovering From Multiversity Babel: the Possibility of a Christian University in Canada”

Sunday, June 2

3. 12:15-1:25pm: Poetry Reading
Clearihue A-308
Chair: Neil Querengesser (Concordia University College of Alberta)

Sally Ito (Winnipeg)

Margo Swiss (Toronto)

Susan McCaslin (Langley, B.C.)

Tim Lilburn (Victoria)

4. 5:00-7:00pm: Victorian
Clearihue A-308
Chair: John North (University of Waterloo)

Mary Arsenau (University of Ottawa): “Poetic Pre-Texts: Musical Settings of Christina Rossetti’s Poetry”

Jennifer Doede (Trinity Western University): “Escaping Mistaking Inscape: Ward’s Challenge to the Traditional Understanding of Inscape”

Marilyn Orr (Laurentian University): “‘The Religion of the Future’: Daniel Deronda and the Mystical Imagination”

Suzanne Stewart (St. Francis Xavier University): “Gerard Manley Hopkins: Sensuality and Spirituality in the Diaries and Journals

Monday, June 3

5. 12:15-1:25pm: Madness, Materialism, and Morality in Early Modern Literature: From Shakespeare to Pope
Clearihue A-315
Chair: Holly Faith Nelson (Trinity Western University)

David Anonby (Trinity Western University): “‘This Tempest in My Mind’: Demonology, Madness, and Recusancy in King Lear

Holly Faith Nelson (Trinity Western University): “‘A Good Christian, and a Good Natural Philosopher’: Margaret Cavendish’s Theory of the Soul(s)”

Richard Angelo Bergen (University of Windsor): “Accident and Intention: Pope, Punctuation, and Providence”

6. 5:00-7:00pm: C.S. Lewis
Clearihue A-315
Chair: Monika Hilder (Trinity Western University)

Stephen Dunning (Trinity Western University): “C.S. Lewis’s Puddleglum: the Movement Beyond Mere Stoical Resistance”

Murray J. Evans (University of Winnipeg): “C.S. Lewis and Coleridge, Revisited: The Abolition of Man

Mervyn Nicholson (Thompson Rivers University): “Why C.S. Lewis Isn’t a Christian”

Tuesday, June 4

7. 12:00-2:00pm: Trauma, Wallace, and Whalley
Continuing Studies 110
Chair: David A. Kent

Jocelyn Williams (St. Mary’s University College): “‘As in Genesis, Pain Came’: The Role of Institutionalized Earth in Trauma Memoire”

Nathan Dueck (St. Mary’s University): “‘Fraudulent Paradox’: David Foster Wallace’s ‘Good Old Neon’ and Daniel’s Vision of Everlasting Life”

Michael DiSanto (Algoma University): “Jacob Epstein and George Whalley: Lazarus in Sculpture and Poetry”