2015: University of Ottawa

Organizers: Deborah Bowen (Redeemer) and Katherine Quinsey (Windsor)

Saturday, May 30th

12:15-1:30: The Inklings (1)
Simard Hall 330
Organizer and panel chair: Monika Hilder (TWU)

Greg Maillet (Crandall): “‘Meeting Somewhere in Truth’: Allegory, Story, and the Significance of the Tale of Lúthien and Beren in The Silmarillion

Dominic Manganiello (Ottawa): “‘I am not I’: Confessional Self-Accounting in Till We Have Faces

Todd Anderson (Waterloo): “Supposition in C.S. Lewis’s Perelandra

5:00-6:30: Mysteries of Intersubjectivity in 20th Century Fiction
Arts Building 350
Chair: Deborah Bowen (Redeemer)

Brandi Etsey-Burtt (Dalhousie): “The Devil Comes to Moscow: Madness, Renewal, and the Face of the Devil in The Master and Margarita

George Piggford (Stonehill): “Strangers to Grace: Social Scientists in Gabriel Marcel and Flannery O’Connor”

Tina Trigg (King’s): “Narrative Dis/closure: Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin

Sunday, May 31st

12:15-1:30: The Inklings (2)
Arts Building 350
Organizer and panel chair: Stephen Dunning (TWU)

Mervyn Nicholson (Thompson Rivers): “Anna Sewell and C.S. Lewis: Black Beauty in Narnia”

Rebekah Lamb (UWO): “‘A Living House’: George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis and Theopoetic Anthropologies of the Human Person as Imago Dei

Monika Hilder (TWU): “Identity Theft: Reading the Signs of the Times in Narnia”

5:00-6:30: Environmental issues early and late
Arts Building 350
Chair: Chad Wriglesworth (St. Jerome’s)

Doug Sikkema (Waterloo): “Hell on Earth: Ecological Destruction in John Milton”

Katherine Quinsey (Windsor): “Christian Environmentalism in Pope’s Later Work”

Deborah Bowen (Redeemer): “Reading the Devil in the Landscape: from Tolstoy through Terpstra to Enger”

7:30: CLSG off-campus dinner gathering (Courtyard Restaurant, 21 George Street)

Monday, June 1st

12:15-1:30: Reading Cultural Forms
Arts Building 350
Chair: Irene Grace Bom (Queen’s)

David Bentley (UWO): “The Moral Education of Cady Heron in Tina Fey’s Mean Girls

Susan Bauman (Campion): “‘Seventy times Seven’: Hidden Forgiveness in Wuthering Heights

Irwin Streight (RMC): “Bruce Springsteen’s Christology”

5:00-6:30: New Formalisms
Arts Building 350
Organizer and panel chair: Ben Faber (Redeemer)

Jantina Ellens (McMaster): “Form and Transformation in Quarles’s Emblemes (1635)”

Chad Wriglesworth (St. Jerome’s): “Forms of Contingent Faith: The Necessity of Doubt in Christian Wiman’s Poetry”

Taylor Kraayenbrink (UWO): “The Possible Hermeneutics of New Formalism: From Sign to Word”

6:30-7:00: CLSG Business Meeting
Arts Building 350

Tuesday, June 2nd

8:45-10:15: Hope or Fiction in Canadian Literature (joint session with ACCUTE)
Simard Hall 330
Organizer and panel chair: Tina Trigg (King’s)

Stephen Dunning (TWU): “Writing in the Shadow of Self-Slaughter: Miriam Toews and Walker Percy on the Heritage of Suicide”

Elizabeth Gripping (Ambrose): “‘The past and future are present’: Hopeful Rereading in Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda

Matthew Zantingh (Biercrest): “Hope, Literary Prizes, and Contemporary Canadian Literature: Reading the 2014 Giller Prize Shortlist”


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