CLSG Annual Meeting, Toronto 2017

The next CLSG Annual Meeting will be taking place May 27-June 2 2017 at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. ACCUTE members are welcome to attend any and all sessions. Please refer back to this page for updates to the CLSG conference program.

Final program now available!

The final program for the upcoming CLSG meeting in Toronto can be found below as well as in a print-friendly format.

New features this year:

  • The noon session on Sunday, May 28th has been left open for members who wish to attend other events held at that time, such as the ACCUTE Graduate Students lunch and the Campus Reps lunch.
  • We are very fortunate to have a plenary speaker for noon on Monday, May 29th: Dr. Roger Kojecky, Director of the Christian Literary Studies Group at Oxford, who will be speaking on “Endism in Narrative: Tradition and Modern Talent.”


We also have two splendid co-sponsored sessions this year: “Word and Spirit,” held jointly with the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies on Monday morning, and “War, Trauma, and Healing,” held jointly with ACCUTE on Tuesday morning. We also have two exciting member-organized sessions and this year’s Pedagogy Roundtable. See the program outline below for further details. We look forward to much lively discussion through these and all our sessions!

Finally, members are invited to join us on Sunday evening for the CLSG banquet (details to follow) and on Monday for our annual business meeting. This will conclude in time for the ACCUTE annual dance party “bash” on Monday evening.

A reminder that if you are presenting at the conference you will need to be a fully paid-up member of ACCUTE. We would also be grateful if all our members could update their information and pay our modest society membership fee of $25 ($15 for students) through completing the 2017 membership form and sending it to Tina Trigg, CLSG treasurer, at the King’s University Edmonton.

To register for this year’s conference, please refer to the Congress website. Information on conference hotels can be found here.

Christianity and Literature Study Group Annual Conference Draft Program

Session 1 (Saturday, 12:15pm to 1:30pm, Victoria 505)
Spiritual Warfare in Lewis’s Cosmic Trilogy

Organizer and Panel Chair: Greg Maillet (Crandall)

Norm Klassen (Waterloo): “Language and the Paradox of Nature and Grace: Spiritual Warfare in That Hideous Strength
Monika Hilder (Trinity Western): “With a Gun or a Prayer? Paradoxical Warfare in C.S. Lewis’s Cosmic Trilogy”
Greg Maillet (Crandall): “Logres, Logos, and the Spiritual Language of Lewis’ That Hideous Strength

Session 2 (Saturday 5:00pm to 6:30pm, Victoria 505)
Writing the contemporary: soul and mind

Panel Chair: Katherine Quinsey (Windsor)

Tina Trigg (King’s): “Reading ‘what we ought [not] to like’: The Handmaid’s Tale as a Site of Hope”
Bettina Stumm (Corpus Christi): “Scholarly Dialogue: Teaching the Ethical Dimensions of Academic Writing”
Clara Joseph (Calgary): “When the ‘Other’ Goes to Jerusalem: Rethinking Theology through Creative Writing”

Session 3 (Sunday 12:15pm to 1:30pm)

Session 4 (Sunday 5:00pm to 6:30pm, Victoria 609)
Pedagogy Roundtable: The “Unteachable” Text

Organizer and Panel Chair: Tina Trigg (King’s)

Matthew Zantingh (Biercrest): “Between Two Unteachable Texts: Postmodern Fiction and Waiting for Godot
Philip Mingay (King’s): “Cries from the Ark: Timothy Findlay’s Not Wanted On The Voyage
David Bentley (Western): “Teaching Christian Texts in a Multicultural Environment”
Jamie Paris (Corpus Christi): “How Can We Discuss Sexual Violence and the Residential School System in a Christian College Setting?”

CLSG Business Meeting (Sunday 6:45pm to 7:45pm, Victoria 609)

Session 5 (Monday 9:00am to 10:30am, Heidelberg 101)
Word and Spirit – Joint Session with the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies

Organizer: Irene Grace Bom (Queen’s)
Panel Chair: Trevor Cook (Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies, Victoria University in the University of Toronto)

Ken Jacobsen (Memorial): “All her invention on thine Altar lay: Augustine’s theology of the Spirit and Herbert’s aesthetics”
Arlette Zinck (King’s): “Allos & Agoreuein: The Protestant ‘Other Speaking’  of the Spirit in John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress
Irene Grace Bom (Queen’s): “‘The Word of God is Light and Fire’: Analogy and Miracles in Calvin and the English Reformers”

Session 6 (Monday 12:15pm to 1:30pm, Victoria 508)
Plenary Speaker: Dr. Roger Kojecky (Director, Christian Literary Studies Group, Oxford, UK)

Chair: Deborah Bowen (Redeemer)

“Endism in Narrative: Tradition and Modern Talent”

Session 7 (Monday 5:00pm to 6:30pm, Victoria 508)
Romantic and Victorian sensibilities

Panel Chair: Michael di Santo (Algoma)

Natasha Duquette (Tyndale): “Science and Theology in Ann Radcliffe’s Romance of the Forest
David Bentley (Western): “Sensuous Regions of the Spirit: Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Religious Illustrations in Moxon’s Tennyson”
Dominick Grace (Western): “Death Without God in Anthony Trollope’s The Fixed Period

CLSG Annual Dinner (Sunday 7:00pm to 9:00pm)
Donatello restaurant
37 Elm Street

Session 8 (Tuesday 8:45am to 10:15am, Victoria 109)
War, Trauma, and Healing – Joint Session with ACCUTE

Organizers and Panel Chairs: Tina Trigg (King’s) and Katherine Quinsey (Windsor)

Connie T. Braun (Trinity Western): “Trans/formational Trauma: Silence and Story”
Michael Di Santo (Algoma): “George Whalley: The Reality of War and the Language of Prayer”
Melanie East (Toronto): “Saint Christopher in the Trenches: Spiritual Romance in Ford Madox Ford’s Parade’s End

Session 9 (Tuesday 12:15pm to 1:45pm, Victoria 109)
Early modern literature: forms and faith

Panel Chair: Deborah Bowen (Redeemer)

Ken Jacobsen (Memorial): “At war ‘twixt will and will not’: Pauline theology in Measure for Measure
Taylor Kraayenbrink (Western): “Puritan Piety’s Sacramental Discovery of Personal Evil in the American Gothic Subject”
Katherine Quinsey (Windsor): “Fancy’s Maze: Pope’s 1717 Works and the Catholic Imaginary”

Click here to view conference programs from previous years.

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